Drying Hemp and Making CBD Oil

Drying Hemp and Making CBD Oil

Hemp Business 003 Discovers The Process For Drying Out Hemp, Making CBD Oil And Selling Products From Farm To Customer.

Learn how an Irish hemp farmer manages his hemp growing business.
He explains
– Hemp drying methods and reasons for drying..
– How they sell their hemp direct from Farm to Customers.
– The difference between THC and CBD.
– How to grow hemp in Ireland’s wet climate.
– The hemp farm basics of CBD oil production, and eatable seeds.

Hemp growing is allowed in the UK, US and Ireland as well as many other countries in the world. The more demand there is for hemp products, the more hemp farmers that will be required to grow hemp.

Video 1: NEW Hemp Business – Insane Opportunity To Make Money!
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Video 2: Hemp Farming Basics – Growing Hemp In Ireland
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Hemp Oil Care: THC-Free CBD Oil Product Video

Hemp Oil Care: THC-Free CBD Oil Product Video

Healthy Hemp Oil is one of the leading online retailers of CDB derived products. They approached us to create a product video that explains the benefits of the product, as well as the best practices in using them.

Their main goals and hopeful outcomes of the video were to help the consumer see themselves using the products in their everyday life. They wanted to add an extra layer of education to go with their online product descriptions, as they know that the average consumer generally don’t want read about them, when they can just watch a video about them instead.

The production team’s main challenge was to creatively find a way to help the consumer see themselves using the product, without a significant budget for actors. Our solution for this was using a hand model to showcase the different ways each product was used. Another significant challenge was that they wanted the video to look like it was in a farmers market style store, but still shoot in studio, and we accomplished this by the use of a creative set design, with a vibrant colorful background that looked like shelves in a store to fulfill their request.

If you’re looking for a fresh approach to video production, and want to see how data driven production can help improve your business’s online presence, connect with us!


How to Buy the Best CBD Products! 🤷🏼‍♀️ (The ultimate Tip to avoid wasting Your Money)

How to Buy the Best CBD Products! 🤷🏼‍♀️ (The ultimate Tip to avoid wasting Your Money)

Todays Video will answer Questions on how to find and ultimately buy the best CBD Product for you!

In order to Avoid Counterfeit or low quality CBD there is just one thing you can do! And that is: Doing your Homework!

Read up on the CBD Product, always check the certificate of Analysis for the CBD Oil and if there isn’t one – Don’t buy it!

You don’t want any “highly Contaminated” products nor should the THC levels be too high!

Have you had bad experiences with your CBD? Let me know in the Comments below!

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Cannabinoid educators who have been trained and certified on CBD consulting through the Cannabinoid Industry Association. Based in Denver, Colorado, we have exceptional access to a network of hemp farms and product options.
We do not promote specific products, nor are we incentivized to, but will share our clinical knowledge on a dizzying variety of CBD and CBD-infused products when asked. This industry is rapidly evolving. You can count on us to have, or find, answers.

Our Mission Statement ✅

Through education, our mission is to bridge the gap between solid, well-sourced scientific information on cannabidiol, and other cannabinoids, and their utility for improving health.
We aim to break the stigma of the cannabis industry as unprofessional and unfounded by giving rise to robust and substantiated evidence that the active compounds of the cannabis plant are a new frontier of medical science.


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CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil | Which is Best?

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil | Which is Best?

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil

The main difference between hemp oil vs CBD oil, is that hemp oil has little to no CBD content. Hemp Oil is made by cold-pressing the hemp seeds into an omega-rich culinary oil. CBD oil is made by extracting the compound CBD from the leaves, flowers and stalks of a hemp plant. So, let’s get started.

Number 1.
CBD oil has more potential benefits
Hemp seed oil is rich in some vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids (EFAs), and as such, it can offer some basic nutritional benefits. Perhaps one of the most common advantages of taking hemp seed oil comes from its omega-3 and omega-6 composition, as it contains the ideal ratio for a healthy diet. These EFAs might also support heart health in a number of ways for instance, slowing the buildup of plaque in arteries and lowering blood pressure, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Number 2.
The products are not made in the same way.
There are also some important distinctions in the way CBD oil and hemp seed oil are processed. The latter is usually made through cold-pressing hemp seeds to create a dark, thick oil that is highly concentrated and nutrient-rich. CBD oil, on the other hand, is made from different processes such as ethanol or CO2 extraction, which draw from the whole hemp plant and create a final product that contains more beneficial plant compounds, like cannabinoids and terpenes.

Number 3.
The FDA views hemp oil and CBD oil differently
One perk of the hemp seed oil is that it’s completely cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and legal to buy or sell pretty much anywhere. With CBD oil, the laws are a bit trickier and vary from one state to the next. As a rule of thumb, CBD oils are legal if they contain less than 0.3% THC content. THC is the chemical compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive effects; in other words, it’s the part that gets you high, which is why it’s limited in all but a handful of states.

Number 4.
Best CBD oils with hemp oil
As you shop around for the best CBD oil, you’ll find some CBD oils that also contain hemp seed oil for added benefits. The editors at Remedy Review, an independent CBD site, pulled together a list of CBD oils that contain hemp oil. These products come from top brands that have undergone an extensive review process that takes into account customer reviews, price, lab testing, hemp source, and more

Ultimately, CBD oil and hemp oil are two distinct options that both have their pros and cons. Hemp oil has its own set of benefits, which may be well suited to soothe dry skin or support heart health over a period of time, but CBD oil offers certain advantages that hemp seed oil can’t match.

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CBD Daily | CBD Daily Products | CBD Oil Daily Use | Hemp Bombs®

CBD Daily | CBD Daily Products | CBD Oil Daily Use | Hemp Bombs®

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CBD Daily | CBD Daily Products | CBD Oil Daily Use | Hemp Bombs®

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How To Take CBD Oil From A Dropper: https://youtu.be/gdZzar6aFMM

Don’t let morning traffic, getting the kids ready or aches from intense workouts get you down. Achieve total relaxation and peace of mind when you add CBD to your daily regimen.

This natural compound encourages relaxation and stress relief quickly and effectively to boost your mental and physical well-being. Enhanced with several quality ingredients like lavender essential oil and Vitamin E Oil, our formulations are specially designed to maximize comfort and wellness.

Hemp Bombs offers a unique line of topicals, edibles, vape products, pet products and more to fit seamlessly into your everyday lifestyle. Whether it’s our Pain Freeze with menthol for everyday aches and post-workout soreness, or a tasty CBD gummy to unwind from the chaos, we’ve got you covered.

With over 100 flavor and concentration combinations to choose from, it’s never been easier to customize your CBD routine.

Dosage Depending On Potency of CBD:
250mg concentration: Take a 1ml (i.e. a full dropper) for 8mg of hemp CBD oil
500mg concentration: Take .5ml (i.e. a half dropper) for 8mg of hemp CBD oil
1000mg concentration: Take .25ml (i.e. a quarter dropper) for 8mg of hemp CBD oil
2000mg concentration: Take .12ml (i.e. half of a quarter dropper) for 8mg of hemp CBD oil

00:06 Wake up to CBD Gummies
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00:25 CBD Gummies for Stress
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00:41 CBD Products

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Hemp Products

Hemp Products

http://www.hempcompany.ie Hemp can be used for almost anything. It truly is nature’s wonder material. From body care products to fashion to housing insulation that you can rub against your face safely, hemp is able to do it all.

We have a huge selection of hemp products on our website www.hempcompany.ie.

For advice about hemp feel free to call us at Dublin +353 1 8727240.

The Hemp Company Dublin – Ireland’s leading suppliers of hemp products.