So far I am really liking most of the products from The Inkey List. Their Hemp Oil Cream Moisturizer was another one of their products that I was excited to try, especially since it contains the currently trendy hemp oil! First off, I like the simple yet effective squeeze tube packaging. It is efficient, protects the ingredients from exposure to air and light, and makes the product easy to store and travel with.

The Hemp Oil Cream Moisturizer is a medium to light moisturizer that provides a fair amount of hydration, unless you have very dry skin (like me) this moisturizer will probably be the only one you need to apply. I preferred to use this in the evening but that was just a personal preference. This contains lots of beneficial ingredients and is also fragrance free so it has no scent at all. This also mixes well with other serums and boosters, and also layers well under and over other products.

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