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I am here with you on another amazing brand review. This time I tried and tested out Satliva’s Hemp Based products. In this video you will see me review Satliva Hemp Based Neroli Butter, Hemp based Avocado Soap bar and Jojoba Oil.

All these bodycare products are made with Natural and Organic Hemp Based Oil which I also talk about

Links of the products.
https://www.satliva.com/collections/bestsellers?cmp_id=15993689440&adg_id=138221631288&kwd=satliva&device=c&gclid=CjwKCAjwrZOXBhACEiwA0EoRD01TecK0AlgtjivUHZuAHkbeIKI6NAxi-Drq0N7tYZAV_hMEeciPehoCVxgQAvD_BwE />
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