Eric makes the drive to Monte Vista in southern Colorado, in the San Luis Valley, to meet the folks from Formation Ag, a company that’s been building hemp harvesters and decorticators since 2015.

Corbett Heffner gives a demonstration of the decorticator. Seeing this machine in operation, you start to see a vision of the future where these machines are ubiquitous in farming communities, creating new supply chains, bringing manufacturing back to U.S. shores and building economic security for farms, farmers and surrounding communities.

Heffner, vice president of research and development at Formation Ag, says hemp “is giving farmers the opportunity, through value-added work, to help control their financial destiny. For the first time, they’re not stuck with a granary kind of model, where they take it to an elevator and they get whatever the commodity’s trading for. I think if we do this correctly, farmers are going to be able to set some price points and control that financial future from top to bottom on this crop.”

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