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If you received an intellectual property right complaint, if you’ve received a rights owner complaint, I want sellers to know today and throughout 2020 that sellers have tremendous power and tools at your disposal. Please stay with me to the very story from today’s breaking news, but we’re going to be talking about the strength that every single seller has all over the world.

Over the last week, we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of sellers losing their accounts because they’re getting caught running multiple accounts or opening up multiple accounts and are running into business verification issues. If you are a new seller and you’re opening an account and you run into an obstacle in the business verification, stop solve that problem, do not start again with the new account. If you’re an experienced seller, use VPNs, different bank accounts, different people, different Mac addresses. Everything has to be different if you want to be successful at operating multiple Amazon accounts without getting caught.

Second breaking news story, hemp, and CBD products are a huge problem for sellers. One, you can’t sell them on Amazon. Number two, the sourcing shows have a plethora of vendors selling CBD and hemp products. If you’re an Amazon seller, our strong suggestion is to just stay away from these products regardless of what the vendors say: they cause problems, cause suspensions, your entire accounts go down and then Amazon freezes your money.

Power to sellers the strength sellers have when it comes to IP complaints. Listing suspensions, if you lose a listing based upon an IP complaint, you should immediately try and get that complaint retracted. Still, even going into 2020, nobody knows how many IP complaints any account can sustain before it goes down. I want you to look for retractions from those complaints from positions of strength to show you’re not violating anybody’s IP rights. You are entirely protected by the first sale doctrine. Also, you might be open to having us negotiate a licensing agreement for you. Last but not least, every single Amazon seller all over the world has the right to bring a counter-notice if you’ve been falsely accused of violating somebody’s copyright. In 2020, know that you have power, know that you have leverage, get those IP complaints withdrawn immediately and don’t ever, don’t ever get suspended based upon baseless intellectual property or rights owner complaints.

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