Hey CurlyKin!! Welcome back to another video. Firstly I would like to say I was very excited about this video. Its a whole new concept and I honestly didn’t think this would would work. The products work very well though. If you want to experiment with a new kind of product I recommend you trying these. they are cost effective and you can get many uses out of them. See you in my next video. Byeee!!

links to the products♡♡
shampoo bar
~ https://asiamnaturally.com/collections/hemp-seed-oil-bars/products/hemp-seed-oil-shampoo-bar?variant=39687613022244 />conditioner bar
https://asiamnaturally.com/collections/hemp-seed-oil-bars/products/hemp-seed-oil-conditioner-bar?variant=39687760936996 />leave in conditioner bar
https://asiamnaturally.com/collections/hemp-seed-oil-bars/products/hemp-seed-oil-leave-in-conditioner-bar?variant=39687692025892 />
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