Folium Biosciences Broad Spectrum Stalk Hemp Oil (0.0% THC) is the latest in its full range of country-specific customized products and just one example of our continued investment in research and development to utilize new parts of the hemp plant in support of the development and growth of CBD markets around the world.

What is Stalk Hemp Oil? How is it manufactured? What is the difference between the stalk and the flower? Simply put, CBD can be extracted from the stalk of the hemp plant, and it all starts with mature milled hemp stalks. It then goes through our proprietary CO2 extraction and chromatography process – the same as our original Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil – but that’s not all. Listen in to our short video above to find out more.

Folium Biosciences has dedicated extraction lines for the US, EU, Japan, and South Korea – just to name a few. Have questions about our Broad Spectrum Stalk Hemp Oil? Get in touch with one of our specialists today! Call 719-574-2159, email, or visit for more.

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