Welcome to the Wise Owl Paint Party. On today’s video we’re sharing our steps for how to top coat raw wood with Wise Owl Paint’s Hemp Seed Oil. We’ll walk you through the steps to brush on hemp seed oil, wipe off and buff to give a beautiful matte sheen and protective surface to raw wood.

This is Part II of our two-part series on Hemp Seed Oil, you can find Part I (Hemp Oil over Stained Wood) here;


We hope you enjoyed this informational How To video for applying hemp seed oil to raw wood, and if you try your own DIY makeover on a piece of furniture using our Hemp Seed Oil, be sure to share your project with us. We’d love to feature those who have tried our products on our different platforms.

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Materials used;

Wise Owl Hemp Seed Oil

Wise Owl Premium Brushes
– 1.5 Round or Oval

Blue Shop Towels
Lint Free Microfiber Clothe

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