Linking the #BuildingProducts industry with the #hemp industry production chain with Melissa Nelson South Bend Industrial Hemp. 100% Made In America. Join Dave Cooper 🎥 Wednesday, March 30th 10 am pdt / 1 pm edt . ..

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Wondering how and where to find hemp for building material production needs? How can your building product manufacturing company create more sustainable construction products?
Please welcome Melissa Nelson, Field Scientist at Performance Crop Research, LLC and Co-Owner at South Bend Industrial Hemp
South Bend Industrial Hemp Processing is an American-made hemp processing facility sourcing hemp from local farmers, creating raw materials, hurd and bast and offering manufacturing companies an affordable 100% American made hemp option for their production needs.

Questions We’ll Ask:
What is hemp hurd used for?
What building materials can be made with hemp?
How can I make building products with hemp?
Is it cheaper to build with hempcrete?
How will the Commercialization of Industrial Hemp help us #BuildItBetter?

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