Healthy Hemp Oil is one of the leading online retailers of CDB derived products. They approached us to create a product video that explains the benefits of the product, as well as the best practices in using them.

Their main goals and hopeful outcomes of the video were to help the consumer see themselves using the products in their everyday life. They wanted to add an extra layer of education to go with their online product descriptions, as they know that the average consumer generally don’t want read about them, when they can just watch a video about them instead.

The production team’s main challenge was to creatively find a way to help the consumer see themselves using the product, without a significant budget for actors. Our solution for this was using a hand model to showcase the different ways each product was used. Another significant challenge was that they wanted the video to look like it was in a farmers market style store, but still shoot in studio, and we accomplished this by the use of a creative set design, with a vibrant colorful background that looked like shelves in a store to fulfill their request.

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