Why do pro-cannabis breeders choose Hemp Drying Products? After all you plant, from seed to harvest, you’re at the whim of Mother Nature. Hemp Drying Systems enables you to take control right at harvest, offering a single solution to:

Increase shelf life – among the many benefits to drying your cannabis crop, an important advantage relates to increasing shelf life. Harvest buds and leaves are delicate and require a certain temperature and moisture level to prevent damage during storage. Harvest buds and leaves can be damaged during storage in traditional blowers or forced air ovens, both of which substantially increase the amount of time spent drying your crop. Hemp Drying Systems eliminates this risk because the drying systems utilize a high-temperature dryer and a completely enclosed fluid bed. The drying units are completely enclosed so no temperature or moisture control is necessary. Hemp Drying Stocks is designed for use with all sizes and types of Hemp Plants.

Reduce spoilage – even when using a cold dryer, your cannabis plants may still require some type of moisture to continue growing and blooming. In addition, some plants may require protection from extreme cold temperatures in order to retain their potency. When purchasing Hemp Drying products, make sure to look for one that meets your plant’s specific requirements. For example, some plants grow best with a specific Hemp Drying Product called Hemp Guard. This specially designed Hemp Drying product allows you to control exactly what temperature and moisture conditions your Hemp plants are kept in during storage, making for clean, crisp, ready-to-harvest buds every time.

Protect your plants from insects – as well as weeds – during the entire Harvest season. Harvests need to be deep, just like the roots from which they come. If an insect or worm infests a water source that is close to the flowering tops of your plants, the crop will not grow as deeply. If you use a quality Hemp Drying solution before the first bloom comes up, you will be able to harvest with much greater ease, ensuring you get the highest quality product every time. Some Hemp Drying systems will even be packed with powerful nutrients that help your plants grow stronger, faster and healthier right from the start.

Be more energy efficient – any type of crop requires the assistance of high temperatures and humidity in order to harvest properly and at its full potential. However, with a High Speed Hemp Drying system you can control precisely where your Hemp crop buds are located when they are in the dark, allowing for optimal light and temperature levels that are necessary for successful crop growth. Additionally, using a heating element that operates at 45 degrees F ensures that your Hemp crop will be prepared properly. Many of the High Speed Hemp Drying products on the market today are equipped with a microprocessor that controls the amount of heat and humidity that is applied to your plants. You will find that these products work especially well when combined with Smart Cool Hemp Drying solution.

Reduce crop loss and improve crop production – Hemp is considered a “plant food” and does not lose its nutritional value, like other types of crops do. Unlike other plants which have to be mechanically processed before being used, hemp can be processed naturally, without the aid of chemicals. Hemp Drying makes it easier to preserve and make available to consumers, since there is no need for any processing. This means that hemp can be used in a variety of different industries from nut and seed to oil extraction and fuel refinement. Investing in a quality Hemp Drying solution will allow you to cultivate a sustainable hemp crop that is both productive and beneficial to your family and the environment.

Be able to harvest plants at low temperatures – Hemp is one of nature’s most efficient growing plants and with the assistance of Hemp Drying solution you can harvest your Hemp at extremely low temperatures, without interrupting your day to day life. Hemp Drying is usually accomplished by using a piece of equipment called a Drying Agent. The Hemp Drying agent cools the Hemp plants down to temperatures where they begin to release their starch and fiber. The Drying Agent is responsible for capturing the oils from the starchy fiber of the Hemp plants. Once the Hemp Drying solution cools the Hemp plants are ready for harvesting.

Reduce risks associated with chemicals and pesticides – Hemp is an exceptionally safe crop to grow, but you still need to be aware of the dangers of the various pesticides and chemicals that are commonly used to grow industrial hemp crops. A variety of chemical agents are used to control the growth of the Hemp plants, as well as to protect them from predators. Drying Hemp at low temperatures will reduce the risks of accidental ingestion or contact with chemicals, as well as reduce the risk of any allergy reaction to certain components in the Drying Agent.