Hemp Drying Products Introduction Hemp Drying has been a centuries old process of drying seeds, leaves, stems and flowers for manufacturing fiber, fuel and sails. The history of hemp goes all the way back to the early days of the Egyptians and the Romans. Hemp is also used extensively around the world as a medicinal plant. Today it is grown as a crop for industrial, medical and recreational uses.

Hemp Drying Products are primarily made from the stalks and leaves of the cannabis plant. Hemp seeds and leaves are very tough to dry. Hemp Drying Products such as Hemp Flower Racks are designed to work with the combination of hot air and heat to quickly dry leaves and stalks. It is particularly useful in the construction industry where material needs to be tough enough to withstand long term wear and tear without rotting or rusting.

A Hemp Drying Rack Hemp Drying Racks come in two basic types; Plastic mesh-belt dryer and metal mesh-belt dryer. The metal mesh-belt dryer is more energy efficient and typically has a larger drying area and faster drying times. Hemp Flower Racks are constructed in a similar manner to a flower or herb garden rack. They are made from sturdy, heavy duty plastic and have metal mesh tops. Hemp Drying Racks can be used to dry small amounts of hemp quickly and efficiently.

Mesh Drying Methods Many different drying methods are available including the Heat Diffuser, the Flower & Herb Drying Rack, the Drying Brush and a Hemp Drying Booth. All use a similar cooking method where the heated air dries the fiber, while a fan spins at the same time blowing air through the fibers. Depending on the type of Hemp you are drying, the cook time and drying time will vary slightly. If the Hemp is very damp or wet, the cook time will be substantially longer.

A Hemp Drying Grill Hemp Drying Grills use heat to dry the fiber. Hemp Drying Grills can range from a simple electric hand crank type Drying Grill, to a fully electronic system. Hemp Drying Grills are similar to your standard barbecue grill except they have a small rotating drum to help distribute the heat faster. The Hemp Drying Grill is a unique way to utilize your outdoor space. Not only does it give you the ability to use your Hemp as usual, but you can use it year round with little or no maintenance.

A Drying Brush Hemp Drying Brushes use a combination heat, and moisture holding mechanism to quickly and efficiently dry the Hemp. Hemp Drying Brushes can range from electric to manual fan style. Some models have a trigger based system for a more thorough drying method. This Hemp Drying Brush method is very sanitary and does not emit any smoke or residue into the air. This method does not require any electricity, thus making it the most environmentally friendly way to dry Hemp.

Drying Canisters Hemp Drying Cans can also be used in many applications other than drying Hemp. Hemp Drying Cans are commonly used to cook Hemp seeds, and also for Candle making. Hemp Drying Cans are also used for smokeless inhalation (phyllutic inhalation). Hemp Drying Cans can be found in many different brands and styles. They can also be purchased in bulk for a cheaper price.

There are many different styles of Hemp Drying Furnaces available. A Drying Furnace is a simple and affordable way to dry Hemp in your home or place of business. Not only does it get the job done, it is also good for the environment. Hemp Drying Furnaces are easy to use, quick and safe to operate.

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