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Stacy Moore of Healing Harbors shares how she discovered the health benefits of CBD and decided to start a CBD business after getting out of her military work as a helicopter mechanic
00:00 Introduction
01:03 What is CBD
03:24 What problem is the business solving
04:53 Medical research behind CBD
06:35 Manufacturing
09:33 Testing the market
10:53 Educating customers
12:21 Initial Investment
14:51 Target Market
16:18 Selling Cannabis
17:42 Competition
19:19 Seasonality
20:18 Sales Channels
20:49 New Customer Acquisition
22:30 Market
23:11 Social Media
23:44 Warehousing & Fulfillment
26:09 Transition out of military
28:31 Team
30:44 Future Vision
31:51 Mentors and Advisors
33:04 Mistakes made, Lessons Learned
35:05 Effect of Pandemic
36:14 Rapid Fire Round

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