On Thursday 24 June 2021, we held a Breakfast Bite event on ‘the legal position of cannabis based food products like CBD oils in the EU & Ireland’. This presentation was provided by Dr Pat O’Mahony, Chief Specialist, Food Science & Technology, FSAI. Are you an individual or a food business interested in or already selling cannabidiol (CBD) products in Ireland?

If so, you should make yourself aware of the legal situation with respect to the sale of cannabis/hemp products and synthetic cannabinoids in Ireland. In this short webinar, Dr Pat O’Mahony will discusses the legal situation governing the sale of cannabis/hemp products as food in the EU and specifically in Ireland.

Find out more about Hemp Products (e.g. CBD) in Food and Supplements: https://www.fsai.ie/faq/cbd_oils_and_hemp_oils_legal_status.html If you would be interested in future events, subscribe for alerts: www.fsai.ie/subscribe.

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